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Encounters of Jewish-Sephardi Cultures

19 — 23 June 2019
Bragança, Portugal


“Bragança, Territory of Sephardi Culture“

Guided by the stimulus of recovering the Sephardic memory and identity, the Municipality of Bragança now holds two fundamental spaces for its cultural life, dedicated to the subject: the Centre for the Interpretation of the Sephardi Culture in Northeastern Trás-os-Montes (CICS) and the Memorial and Documentation Centre – Bragança Sefardita (Sephardi Memorial), both inaugurated in 2017 and located at the “Street of the Museums”, in the Historical Centre of Bragança.
To give relevance to this wager, the municipality promoted, in that same year, the Land(s) of Sefarad – Encounters of Jewish-Sephardi Cultures. A great acceptance, a recognized success by the critics and by the media and a strong participation in the diverse activities by the community of Bragança, the national and spanish communities, invited guests and international speakers, artists, among many others.
Consequently, a second edition of Land(s) of Sefarad – 2019 – was implicit, and explicit, in the diverse evaluations conducted by the partners and promoters of this project.


A great, 5 days, event is proposed, of both national and international character, with 5 main objectives to fulfill: 
To sensitize to the Jewish Religious Cultural Tourism (national and international); To bring to Bragança figures of international renown, both Jewish and Sephardic, in a connection with Spain: artists, researchers, historians, investors, Sephardic descendants; To involve researchers, historians, local entrepreneurs of Trás-os-Montes and the “Raia” region; To cause an impact in the specialized and generalist media on the importance of the Sephardic culture in the recent past and in our near future; To place Bragança in the International Routes, through a new centrality.


Programa de Abertura
19 Junho

14h30 - Teatro Municipal de Bragança
Opening of the International Congress

19h15 - Centro de Arte Contemporânea Graça Morais
Official Opening of Terra(s) de Sefarad

19h30 - Centro de Arte Contemporânea Graça Morais
Opening of the Exhibition “People I Saw but Never Met” by Zadok Ben-David 

20h00 - Jardim do Centro de Arte Contemporânea Graça Morais
Opening Concert - Herança Longínqua – Sephardic Music 

22h00 - Jardim do Centro de Arte Contemporânea Graça Morais
Show of Jewish Cinema - “A Tale of Love and Darkness” de by Natalie Portman


International Congress*

(*Detailed information on the Congress tab)

19—21 June

Teatro Municipal de Bragança | Centro Cultural Adriano Moreira | Auditório Paulo Quintela

«Diasporas, Identity and Globalization» | It is intended to place the city as a reference center for the reflection on the memory and the Jewish heritage in Portugal and throughout the North of the Iberian Peninsula.
Scientific Coordination: Cátedra de Estudos Sefarditas «Alberto Benveniste» da Faculdade de Letras Univ. de Lisboa

— —

Forum of Sephardic Economics and Entrepreneurship

21 June

Teatro Municipal de Bragança

With this Forum, we will consider the strategies of approaching the Portuguese economy to the Sephardic, both the connection to the Sephardic communities around the world and the connection to the Sephardic Jews who have sought Portuguese citizenship.

— —

Encounter of Local and Regional Sephardic Historiography

21 June

Teatro Municipal de Bragança

With this “meeting” we intend to give voice and space to the research that is closer to the community.

— —


Centro Arte Contemporânea Graça Morais

Zadok Ben-David, "People I Saw but Never Met"

Opening 19 June 2019, 19h30
Until 20 October 2019

Photo Credit Gene Ogami

Centro Cultural Adriano Moreira

Exhibition "Deslocamentos", Photography and Video by António Martins Teixeira, Augusto Lemos e Conceição Magalhães
Opening 20 June 2019, 7:00pm
Until 19 September 2019

Centro de Fotografia Georges Dussaud

Exhibition “Arquivos de Memórias”, Memorial e Centro de Documentação – Bragança Sefardita
Opening 20 June 2019, 7:15pm
Until 15 October 2019

Parallel Exhibition

Museu Abade de Baçal

The Jews and the New Christians of Bragança: fear and hope in the multicultural wheel of Trás-os-Montes
Curated by: Marina Pignatelli
Opening 20 June 2019, 7:30 p.m.
Until November 2, 2019

— —

Show of Jewish Cinema

19—21 June

Garden of Centro Arte Contemporânea Graça Morais | Open-air Cinema at 10:00pm

Show of Sephardic-Jewish Cinema – documentaries and short films + fiction – with curatorship of Elena Piatok (festival JUDAICA).

"A Tale of Love and Darkness" / “Uma História de Amor e Trevas”, de Natalie Portman 
“Ida”, de Pawel Pawlikowski
“Ellis”, de JR, com Robert de Niro 
“Dear God” / Querido Deus, de Erez Tadmor e Guy Nattiv 
“Debaixo do Céu”, de Nicholas Oulman.

Free Entry.

— —

Kosher Market

21 June | 10:00am-7:00pm

Praça da Sé

One of the most immediate solid fields of economical development in the Sephardic world is, of course, that of certified kosher food.

— —

Concerts of Sephardi Music

Garden of Centro Arte Contemporânea Graça Morais

19 June | 8.00pm

Herança Longínqua

Music and Sephardic songs with Magna Ferreira (voice, percussion), Jed Barahal (violoncello), Uxía Senlle (voice) and Sérgio Tannus (guitar, percussion).

Concerts “Sounds in Diaspora”

Jardim do CAC Graça Morais

20 June | 9.30pm

The Jazzphardic project

Sephardic music and sonorities in the form of Jazz by Rabbi Yehonatan Elazar (sax, clarinet) & Cristina Díaz (piano).


Praceta Adriano Moreira

22 June | Saturday | 10:10pm 

Yamma Ensemble, Israel

Sephardic, Hebrew and fusion music.

Photo Credit Zohar Ron

UDJAT, Portugal

Portuguese, Sephardic and fusion Music.

Free Entry to all Events
Ticket reservation is required for the concert of June 22.

Reservation and collection of tickets:
Posto de Turismo Municipal | +351 273 381 273 / turismo@cm-braganca.pt
Centro de Interpretação da Cultura Sefardita do Nordeste Transmontano | +351 273 240 022 / cicsefardita@cm-braganca.pt 



Terra(s) de Sefarad


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Posto de Turismo Municipal
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5300-011 Bragança
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